So Dong Dong Soondubu Korean Restaurant

745 Keeaumoku St  #105 Honolulu Hi 96814 


we're open everyday from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

new place : 745 keeaumoku st #105 honolulu hi 96814


like like plaza across ross store on keeaumoku st and rycroft st ( near pagoda hotel )

parking : like like drive inn parking lot 

also parking available pagoda hotel garage ( $1.00 avdanced pay for 1 hour parking ) 

OPEN  :   DAILY 10:00 AM To 10:00 PM 



e-mail : 

 745  keeaumoku st #105 honolulu hi 96814 

tel  808-946-8206    

 Gift Card Available : $$ ask our staff for more  information


  Gift Card available any amount and discount for group and business promotion

 So Gong Dong Soondubu restaurant  is served korean food. soondubu (tofu soup ),  seafood pancake ,bibimbab, dol-sot bibimbab ,many flavorful korean dish  and samgaetang , kalbitang , yukgaejang , kalbi, spicy pork belly and  many affordable babeque plate lunch and dinner chicken, meat-jun, kalbi, bulgogi, bbq combo.....a lot more



( the price and item is subject to changed it without prior notice )

stone bibimbap ( caution extremely hot )

we're serve soondubu combo special ( limited time offer ) price $13.00 - $15.00

soondubu and bbq 2 choice or soondubu and one of choice seafood pancake or corbina fish , mandoo... any selected 

   ( the price and item is subject to change without prior notice )


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